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Immediate Manual Check Posting

A vendor delivered something and is waiting for a check.  You don’t have time to receive the items, post the vendor’s invoice & select the voucher for payment.  A check is either hand written or Task #8 Immediate check printing, is used (The vendor invoice #, your PO #, etc… is written on the check stub).  The check stub goes into a file or book to be posted into the computer at a later time.


Someone in Receiving has received and vendor invoiced the merchandise for a few of these immediate/manual checks.  They have been posted to A/P without the manual check #.


Several of the manual check stubs need to be posted into the computer before month end.  First you need to find out which vouchers have already been posted into A/P without the immediate/manual check #.

  • Go into Accounts Payable (Module 3)
    • Vendor account inquiry (Task 27)
    • Look up the vendor.  Look for the vendor’s invoice #, amount, etc… to find out if any of the vendor invoices have already been vouchered.  Write the voucher # on your manual check stub in red pen.


Mark Vouchers paid:

  • Take the manual/immediate check stub, with the voucher # written on it, and one at a time, go into Accounts Payable (Module 3)
    • Voucher payment preparation (Task 25)
      • Select voucher to be paid (Sub-task 1).  Select the already posted voucher, all by itself. (See document titled: Task 25 - Voucher Payment Preparation.
      • Print an edit list (Sub-task 3) to make sure it is selected all by itself.  The edit list must be the exact amount of your immediate/manual check.
      • Pay selected vouchers (Sub-task 4).
        • Use payment method 1 Company check. 
        • When it asks for the starting check #, put in your manual check #.
        • Type in the date of the manual check.  
        • When it asks, Print checks? Answer No.  
        • If you say no to Print checks, you should then get the printer screen for the check register.  Make appropriate selections.
        • Have check forms been removed from printer? answer Yes.  
        • You will then get your check register.  Print, save & put on the A/P balancing spreadsheet, just like normal.  
        • As long as everything is correct, say YES to Payment of vouchers OK?
          • If anything is wrong say NO & go back to Sub-task 3 Print payment edit list or Sub-task 2 Cancel vouchers selected above.
        • This procedure needs to be followed for each manual/immediate check stub which already has a voucher posted.

  • The manual/immediate check stubs that haven’t already been vouchered will need to be vouchered.  Follow the instructions on the documents titled: Credit Card - Pay Vendor at Time of Purchase or Task 01 - Voucher Entry and Editing

    • If they are for inventory, they should go through the purchase order module. 

    • If the manual/immediate check isn’t for inventory it should go through the A/P module, Task #1 Voucher entry & editing. 

      • The check stubs for the manual/immediate that you already paid going through Task #25 Voucher payment preparation, will be skipped. 


Another document which might be of assistance is: Payment After Invoice is Vouchered Using a Credit Card or EFT


NOTE: Don’t ever delete any vouchers. If something is posted twice a credit voucher should be posted.