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Task 03 - Change Voucher Due Date or Discount

This allows the due date and/or the discount on a posted voucher to be changed.

  • Accounts Payable (Module 3)
    • Change Voucher Due Date (Task 3)
      • Answer system prompts as follows:
        • Vendor #: Enter a specific vendor number, use TAB to search by vendor name
        • Voucher #: Enter a specific voucher number.
      • The following fields with the voucher information will appear on the screen:

        • Invoice #:

        • Invoice date:

        • Invoice amt:

        • Disc amt:

        • Due date:

At the bottom of the screen, the system prompts "Wrong Voucher?", the default is N for NO.

Press Enter, the system then prompts the following two questions:

  • Please enter new due date:
  • Please enter new disc amt:

After the new information is entered, the cursor will go to the bottom of the screen to "ANY CHANGE?". Either enter another voucher number so a change can be made, or back arrow if finished.