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Task 04 - Applying A/P Credits

This allows a credit memo to be dispersed/applied against open vouchers.

  1. The credits that are applied are erased from the A/P Open Items File. Nothing is done to the Voucher History.
  2. If both the voucher and the credit have document dates in the same month, go ahead and apply the credit to the voucher.
  3. If the voucher and credit have document dates in different months, then wait until the current month is closed and balanced before applying the credit to the voucher….otherwise you will not balance at month-end, because as stated in #1, the credit is erased from the A/P Open Items file once it is applied.
  4. Up to 250 vouchers may be applied for one vendor. List 10 vouchers and then 10 more and 10 more, etc. until a total of 250 are reached.
  5. The balance of the vouchers that are applied to each other must be zero.


To apply credits to open vouchers, go to: 

  • Accounts Payable (Module 3)
    • Apply A/P Credits (Task 4)
      • When first going into this task, the cursor is at:    "Please enter vendor #:"
      • When the vendor number is typed in (or use TAB for a name search), the vendor name appears, and the cursor goes to the bottom of the screen to "COMMAND:"  Press the Enter key and the cursor will then go to:    "Please enter Vch #:"
      • Type in the voucher number for the invoice or the credit.   The voucher information will appear on the screen, and the system then prompts: "Right voucher?", the default is N for NO.
        • If the answer is NO, the program looks for a duplicate vendor/voucher in the A/P Open Items file.
          • If it finds a duplicate, that voucher information will appear on the screen.
          • If it does not find a duplicate, the message "No more of this vendor/voucher, CR to recover" appears.
          • The cursor goes back to "Please enter Vch #:"after ENTER (for "CR to recover") is pressed.
        • If the answer is Y for YES (meaning - this is the right voucher), the voucher will appear in field #1.
          • The amount of the voucher will be displayed the "BALANCE" field. 
          • The cursor will go back up to "Please enter Vch #:", continue to enter the rest of the voucher numbers for the credits and invoices.
          • The BALANCE  field should be zero when finished.
      • When finished, the cursor will go back to "COMMAND:"

        • #-Change: Type in the line # (1 through 10) that need to edited.

        • <Enter>-add: Press the Enter key if there are more vouchers to add to this list. The cursor will go up to "Please enter Vch#:"

        • ^T-Next: Press the Control (CTRL) key and the T at the same time to go to the next page.

        • ^R-Prev: Press the Control (CTRL) key and the R at the same time to go to the previous page.

        • ^L-Last: Press the Control (CTRL) key and the at the same time to go to the last page.

        • HOME-First: Press the HOME key to go the the first page

      • When finished with this vendor, press the ESC key, and the question will appear, "Accept the above entries?". The default is N for NO.

        • If the answer is NO, the system prompts: "Cancel the list?". The default is N for NO.
          • If the answer to "Cancel the List?" is NO, the cursor goes back to "COMMAND"
          • If the answer to "Cancel the List?" is Y for YES, all the vouchers that were typed in to apply to each other will disappear off the screen.
        • If the answer is Y for YES to "Accept above entries", and the balance is zero, the cursor will go to "Please enter Vendor #:" Now you can apply vouchers/credits for another vendor.
        • If the answer is Y for YES to "Accept above entries", and the balance is not zero, then the message will appear, "Total does not balance to zero CR to recover". When CR (Enter) is pressed, the cursor then goes back to"COMMAND:".
      • When the vouchers to apply to each other are finished being selected, press ESC when the cursor is at "Please enter Vendor #:".

      • A report will then be printed. This will be an "A/P Applied Open Credits" report. Everything that was applied will be on this report.

      • Save this report. Put it with the month end reports.