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Incorrect Date on a Voucher

A voucher is found with an incorrect date.  i.e. The date should have been 03/01/xx and a voucher was posted with a date 09/01/xx.  If not corrected this could cause:

  • The A/P Daily Balancing Spreadsheet to be off.
  • The A/P Month-end balancing to be off.
  • The G/L A/P account to be off to the A/P Aged Trial Balance (ATB).


To correct the situation, go:

  • A/P (Module 3)
    • Voucher Entry & Editing (Task 1)
      • Enter (ADD) New Transaction (Sub-task 1).

Note:  the next two entries should be on a posting of their own.


Step 1.  A credit voucher needs to be entered for the exact negative of the original voucher.

  • Use the same vendor number.
  • The invoice number may be the same as the incorrect dated voucher except with a CM in front.
  • Use the same incorrect date.
  • The amount should be the same except a negative.
  • The due date and division # need to be the same as the original, incorrect voucher.
  • The G/L account should be the same as the original, incorrect voucher. 


Step 2.  Enter a new voucher with the correct date with a positive dollar amount.  This should have all the correct information (vendor, dollar amount, G/L number, etc). 

  • These 2 vouchers can be on the same posting.  The total of the posting should be a zero. 


Step 3.  After these two correcting vouchers are posted,  use Task 4 - Apply A/P Credits.  Apply the two incorrectly dated vouchers to each other.  See document titled Task 04 - Applying A/P Credits, for additional information, if needed.


Step 4.  Go to:

  • System Management Functions (Task 32)
    • Generate A/P to G/L Interface (Sub-task 3).  Generate an A/P to G/L interface report for the Incorrect date.    Coordinate this with the person obtaining the A/P to G/L interface into the G/L module.
      • Include previously interfaced vouchers? N  
      • This A/P to G/L interface should be just the new negative credit memo entered. It may or may not need to be obtained in the General Ledger module (depending if the incorrect date is in the past or future)….please check with your accountant.


NOTE: Nothing should be added, changed or deleted directly from the Voucher History (Task 19) or the A/P Open Items (Task 21).  Doing so can cause imbalances.  Check with us for information on setting up Sub-task passwords to help prevent this from happening.