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Voiding an EFT Payment

Voiding an EFT payment involves going into the history maintenance files and making changes. Be very carful to make the correct changes.  Doing this incorrectly could cause an imbalance at month end.


Notate on the check register the date of the void.


The daily balancing spreadsheet will need to be adjusted for the voided EFT.  The daily balancing spreadsheet should have a tab to keep track of voided check & payments.  This should be notated: vendor #, date of original payment, amount of original payment, date of void, voucher #’s.


If the EFT is from a month that has already been interfaced into the G/L module a manual journal entry will be needed.


Go into Accounts Payable (Module 3)

  • Voucher History (Task 19)
    • Change existing Vch history record (Sub-task 2).  Bring up each voucher on the payment.
      • These 3 fields need to be blank. Press the Control key and the Y at the same time to blank them out.
        • Field 11 Check #:
        • Field 13 Dsc taken:
        • Field 14 Paid date:
  • A/P open items (Task 21)

    • Change existing open-item record (Sub-task 2). Bring up each voucher on the payment.

      • Field 8 Status: needs to be a 1 Unpaid.

      • Field 9 Check #: needs to be blank. Press the Control key and the Y at the same time to blank them out.

    • If the EFT payment is from an old month & the vouchers have been cleared out of the A/P open items (Task 21), these vouchers will need to be re-entered into the A/P open items (Task 21).

  • Check account (Task 20)

    • Delete existing checks record (Sub-task 3)

      • Type in an 8 (for EFT).  If more than one EFT in the check account file, scroll through until the date & amount is on the screen.  Type in YES to delete.

These vouchers are now unpaid in the A/P module.  They can now be selected for payment to pay the vendor with any method needed.  If they aren’t going to be paid at all a credit voucher will need to be posted into A/P Voucher entry & editing (Task 3); then the credit and debit vouchers can be applied to each other using Task 4 Apply A/P credits.