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Vendor Pre-defined Codes

Listed below are the fields in the Vendor Master Files (AP Module, Task #17)

That use pre-defined "codes". Some of the "codes" are already on the system, of which you may use exactly as they are or you my choose to change and some codes you will need to add.

What you will find helpful in setting up your customers is the Vendor Master File Set-up worksheet that is in your PDM – the deployment guide. This worksheet gives you the number of spaces you have per field, plus a brief description. It is also noted where you will used a pre-defined code.

This information refers to all modules: Regarding the codes that are part of the Application Tables (Task #32, Sub-task #17 in each of the modules), please read the screen very carefully if you change or add codes. For example: Credit Limit Codes. Five are already listed on the system, but changes can be made. However, you MUST follow the pattern exactly when making changes or additions. The screen prompts this information, so please read carefully before you make any changes. If you do make changes/additions remember to follow the instructions that state after you "ESC" to exit the screen you MUST type "Q" to save your changes. IF you don’t want to save the changes, then type a "F".


Field #12 – Vendor Type - found in Module 3, Task 32, Sub-task 17, Option 1: Vendor Type Definition

Field #20 – Credit Limit - found in Module 3, Task 32, Sub-task 17, Option 3: Credit Limit Codes.

Field #22 – Freight Term -found in Module 7, Task 32, Sub-task 17, Option 1: Freight Billing Term Table

Field #23 – Ship Via - found in Module 7, Task 32, Sub-task 17, Option 3: Shipment Method Tables

Field #24 – Bill Terms - found in Module 7, Task 32, Sub-task 17, Option 4: Payment/Billing Terms Table

Field #38 – GL# Default This is the default GL # used for Expense Vendors. If you have your Profits Plus General Ledger available you may enter the GL #, or wait until later and enter the information.