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Task 08 - Immediate Check Printing


  • Accounts Payable (Module 3)
    • Immediate Check Printing (Task 8)
      • Vendor number:         Enter the vendor number, use TAB to search for the vendor or enter 99999 for a Miscellaneous Vendor.
        • If 99999 is entered, the system prompts for a vendor name and address.
      • Check number:           Enter the number of the check

      • Amount Invoice:         Enter the amount of the invoice being paid
      • Disc. Taken:               Enter the amount of the discount being taken on the invoice
      • Invoice Number:        Enter the number of the invoice
      • Notes - 4 lines:           Enter up to 4 lines of notes.  These notes will print on the check stub.
      • Then the system prompts to verify that checks are in the assigned printer
        • Printer Assignments are set-up in System Mgt. Functions - Task 32
          • Modify Application Tables - Sub-task 17.



This program will print an immediate check, but will NOT update any files, or keep track of the check numbers used. This program is little more than a specialized word processing program, provided as a convenience for writing one or a few checks quickly when you are in a hurry, such as when a vendor is waiting to be given a check.


Later, this information MUST be entered as a prepaid voucher in Task #1: Voucher Entry & Editing. The check number used must be included.  See the document titled: Task 01 - Voucher Entry and Editing for complete instructions.