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Task 07 - Inventory Tracking - Sub-Task 6 Drop Overstock report SLTDRP

This report is based on the slot master file and will print a list of pick slots that require additional inventory from reserve slots to cover committed stock up to a given delivery date.


Selectable ranges are:


Please enter – starting slot #:

-        ending slot #:


Please enter – starting item #:

-        Ending item #:


Please enter warehouse #:


Please enter maximum future delivery date:

            The report includes committed stock to be delivered by this date.



The delivery date on this report is the manually entered invoice date on the order processing order (not the promise date).





-        The second shift warehouse manager prints the “Drop Overstock report SLTDRP” on the evening of 07/15/13 for the invoice date of 07/16/13.

-        Item #100-61 Screwdriver

-        Picking sequence slot 0408D has 3000 cases

-        Order entry has 10,000 cases committed with an invoice date of 07/16/13

-        Reserve slot #0409C  

-        This report tells you to drop 7,000 cases from reserve slot 0409C to picking sequence slot 0408D to cover the 10,000 cases committed.

-        The warehouse employee makes the decision to move everything that is in the reserve slot to the picking sequence slot.  So this report is filled in with the “ACTUAL QTY DROPPED” as 12,000.  This report is given to the warehouse manager. 

-        The warehouse manager posts an inventory move in Sub-task 2 WTMENT for the move of 12,000 from 0409C to 0408D.