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Record Service to an Existing Machine

Refer to document titled:  Overview and Setup of Customer Service or Enter Existing Serialized Machines and Service Records” for setup. 

Types of service orders entered into order entry with owner information & serial #


Monthly contract service fee

Monthly click charges

Monthly click overage charges

Free paper

Free toner

Free or charged replacement parts

Free or charged service labor


·       By putting all this information on a service order with the owner information & serial # a report may be printed from Customer service (Module 8), Service history (Task 19) at any time to see if the service contract is profitable.

·       Instead of Alternate ship-to #’s the orders are entered as service orders with the owner information & serial # on the order.

o      If the any information is entered in order entry without being a service order, 2 separate reports will be needed to find profitability. One from the customer service module for the service orders and another one from the order processing module for the non service orders.


Service orders will need to be entered into order entry.

Select owner before opening the order:

Order Processing (Module 6)

  • Order entry & editing (Task 1)
    • Enter new/change existing order (Sub-task 1)

Field 1 Order #: Press F3 for Owner inquiry

  • Please enter owner #:
    • If the owner # isn’t known, press F1 key to search by owner name;
      • Y key for the correct owner #.  
    • Instead of the F1 key to search by owner name; the F3 key may be pressed to search for the serial #.



Move owner information to order? (Y/N) Y

  • The cursor will be at field 1 Order #:  Press the enter key to open new order
  • This new order will have the correct customer # for the owner on the order.  The shipping screen will also have the serial #, make & model from selecting the owner & serial #.
  • Put the service department # in field 8. Make any other appropriate entries/changes on the first screen.
  • The alternate ship-to is NOT selected; instead the owner information is on the order.
  • Enter line items & invoice as usual.


NOTE: After the invoice is posted out of the ‘Invoiced Order Holding File’ into A/R All items entered on this order will be recorded as “service”, for this serial #.  



Parameter to check:


The service department must be set-up properly for Service History to transfer to customer service.  A parameter must be set, go to:

·        Order Processing (Module 6)

o       System Management Functions (Task 32)

§         Modify Parameter Files (Sub-task 22)

·        O/E - General (Option 1).

SRV'DPT'NUM=      List of the service department(s) number(s) which are valid to update Service History.  Enter CAO to Create-All-Owners regardless of the department.  Use specific departments to control the updating of machine and service history.


If the correct service department is NOT used on the front screen of the order, when the order is invoiced, the following message will appear:  “Set Department on front screen to “Service” for C/S tracking”.  The operator will not be allowed to leave the order until the correct department is used.


 Should 'Serial #' (ship screen) entries be allowed on non "service" department orders ?  (where department is NOT in SRV'DPT'NUM parameter above)  

Valid options are: Yes, No, Warn only (Y/N/W) This is only applicable with use of the optional Customer Service module. This is automatically allowed on summary billing orders.