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Nightly Processes

When the back-up is run every night, specific actions are performed. Listed below are (by module) the processes - the program name, followed by what the program does. A few reports can be set up to run automatically (these are listed in a separate section titled: Reports). Note: If other reports are required to process and print as part of the nightly routine, please contact us. Nearly every report can be generated, however, some custom programming may be required, and this would then be a billable service.



Ordorg- forces the sort of the Order Entry files

Oesort-sorts the order entry file

Oeanal- analyzes the sorted files

Moanal-analyzes the memo files

Ordxfr-moves the completed orders to the Holding File (moves from Task 1 into Task 2)

Ordiwl- deletes the invoiced item from the Want List (in Purchasing - Task 9)

Bldord-builds the index for Order History (Task 17)

Forlst- prints Invoiced Order Edit List (automatically prints from Task 1, Sub-task 4))



prsort- sorts the Payroll file     



apsort- sorts the Accounts Payable file

ageven- recalculates the aging information stored in the Vendor Master (Task 17)



Arsort-sorts the Accounts Receivable file

calage- recalculates the aging information stored in the Customer Master (Task 17)

bldcpi- builds temp index for customer/po/invoice index



Glsort- sorts the General Ledger file



invnew- prints New/Changed Inventory items - (optional report)

icsort- sorts the Inventory Control file

bldssk- builds supplier stock index

cstpst- posts cost adjustments to Supplier Inventory file (Task 18)



Posort- sorts the purchase order file



cssort- sorts the customer service file

bldsrv- builds customer service index



Deletes all "prt", "bak" and "temporary" files from the day



Invoiced Order Edit List (Forlst- O/E Task 1, Sub-task 4))

Daily Sales by Product Code (Forprd - O/E Task 11, Sub-task 3))

New and Changed Inventory Items (invnew- not a menu option, but optionally can be

printed during the back-up process)

Theoretically, any report can be processed during the back-up, using a strict set of instructions, which must be programmed by us. Please fax in a request indicating the exact report - module, task, sub-task, program name and program code - and a quote will be given. Our fax number is 248 583-4110.