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Number of Copies for Documents

This document explains the document types and how to print multiple copies of each type of document.


Document types are:    1=Sales & B/O (new orders)

                                    2=Sales & B/O (new orders)

                                    3=Shop  (work orders)

                                    4=Warehouse (picking tickets) / OR WALT'invoice

                                    5=Shipping (shippers)

                                    6=Accounting (invoices)


To set the number of copies, per document type, go to:

  • Order Processing (Module 6)
    • System Management Functions (Task 32)
      • Modify Parameter Files (Sub-task 22)
        • O/E General (Selection 1)

Look for the following parameter:


The first 6 positions, after the equal sign, equate to the document type (i.e. 1st position is for 1=Sales & B/O (new orders); 4th position is for 4=Warehouse (picking tickets), etc.)  The first 6 positions each can have a value of 1 to 9 to print from 1 to 9 copies. 


Blank   =No additional copies and no copy text

111111=Just one copy, but DO use copy 1 text

xxxxxx=x total copies & use copy text’s accordingly 


From the example above New or backordered sales orders (#1 and 2), work orders and picking tickets (#3 and 4) would print one copy; whereas shippers (#5) would have 2 copies and invoices (#6) would have 3 copies.

Ø     Therefore with the parameter being set to: =111113, 3 invoice copies are going to print for invoices (because Accounting/Invoices type is the 6th slot). 

Ø     If the parameter was set this way: =111112, 2 copies of the invoice will print.

Ø     If the parameter was set this way: =111123, 2 copies of shippers and 3 copies of invoices will print.



After the 6 document type numeric characters for # of copies, other options may be specified:



  • C-check customer record for additional copies for 'Accounting' invoices.
    • A/R (Module 2), Customer master (Task 1), field 49 Add invoices: specifies customer additional copies to print. Omitting the C from this parameter & it won’t check the A/R customer master for additional copies.
  • Slook at the type of printer for # of copies to print.
    • S = For non-SHEET printers it forces # of copies to 111111 (for multi-part pre-printed forms)
    • S = SHEET fed printers (lasers) it reads # of copies to print from this parameter
      • This allows you to have a mixture of sheet feed (laser eform) & multi-part (pre-printed forms) used simultaneously.
  • OMITTING S - from this parameter means # of copies applies to ALL printers.
  • D:x-where x is the # of copies to print for deposits
  • Q:x-where x is # of copies for quotes.  This is only needed if you want a different # copies for quotes and backorders because they share departments 1 & 2.  Otherwise quotes use std positions 1 & 2 above.



  • With this example, the 6th character is a 3, so the sheet fed (laser) printers will print 3 invoice copies. 
  • But a NON-sheet feed printer will print only one invoice copy. 
  • Also, if an A/R customer master file record has additional copies in field 49, that customer will get additional copies printed.



  • With this example, D:1 = deposits print only 1 copy
  • Q:3 = quotes print 3 copies




The text lines for each copy of each document type can be different; this means there is a maximum of 54 text lines (6 document types X 9 copies): 


Look for the parameters:

DOC'DPT6'COPY1=Customer Copy (as an example)

DOC'DPT6'COPY2=Sales Copy (as an example)

DOC'DPT6'COPY3=Office Copy (as an example)

Ø     DPT6 indicates the 6th document type, which is Accounting(Invoices)

Ø     DOC’DPT6’COPY1=Customer Copy, indicates the first copy of the invoice will print “Customer Copy” on the bottom of the invoice.

Ø     DOC’DPT6’COPY2=Sales Copy, indicates the second copy of the invoice will print “Sales Copy” on the bottom of the invoice.

Ø     DOC’DPT6’COPY3=Office Copy, indicates the third copy of the invoice will print “Office Copy” on the bottom of the invoice.

Ø     If these parameters were left blank, nothing would print at the bottom of the invoice copies. 

Note: Only those copy text lines being used would need to be setup.




Set # of copies per division or per printer:

To set the # of copies for one division, one printer or all the printers at one division go into:

  • Software maintenance module
    • System printers (Task 22)
      • Change existing Printer record (Sub-task 2)
      • Type in the 6 character printer name or Press TAB key for a list of printers.  Select the desired printer.
      • Go to field 13 Notes: add in
      • .copies=111111SCD:1F
      • The logic for this in the notes field follows the same logic in the parameter explained above PRINT’DOC’COPIES=
      • An F at the end of this string will be needed to force the # of copies for each document type, for this printer. 
      • No F at the end of this string will be needed to ADD (instead of force) the # of copies to the normal parameter copies.
      • An H on the end of this string pertains to history copies & the parameter HISTORY'COPIES=