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A/R and O/E Report Comparisons

Note: This may clear up some confusion on auditing reports in the  Accounts Receivable and Order Processing modules.

1. Item History reports are based on the Item History master file

  • Order Processing (Module 6)
    • ​Item History (Task 18)

Any Item History report will not include some information seen on the Collection Screen in Order Entry. This includes: tax, freight, COD fees, whole order discounts, trade-ins, and collections.


2. Order History reports are based on the Order History file.

  • Order Processing (Module 6)
    • Order History (Task 17)

The Order History reports should come close to balancing with Sales History files, which are based on the Sales History file.

  • Accounts Receivable (Module 2)
    • Sales History (Task 19)


They may not exactly balance due to:

  • The timing issue of when the invoices/sales are posted into AR
  • Invoices, Debit Memos or Credit Memos entered through Sales Entry & Editing (Task 1 in AR)
  • The Finance Charge ‘invoices’.


3. Tax Zone Report (module 2, task 10, sub-task 14) is based on the Sales History file (A/R module, task 19) and may not agree with ANY Item History, Order History, or Sales History report. The reasons are:


  • The tax zone report does not include sales that don't have tax zone dollars.
  • The tax zone report will include the same invoice more than once if it included more than one tax zone calculation.

If you would like to see where the discrepancies are, print reports out of the Item History, Order History, and Sales History files for 1 day at a time and compare the totals.