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Customer Contract File - Monitoring

An easy way to monitor contract records is to print a report based on the expiration date of the contract record.



Each month a customer contract item file needs to be printed based on the expiration date.  Go to:

Order Processing (Module 6)

  • Customer contract item file (Task 21)
    • Print selected contract records (Sub-task 4)
    • Make printer screen selections
    • Print customer names on report (Y/N)? Y
    • Please enter – starting customer route: enter key for ALL
    • Please enter – starting contract expiration date:  If looking at contracts which expire 90 days out, use a date 90 days out. For example, it is December 27th the starting & ending expiration date would be 03/31/XX. (The end of January the starting & ending date would be April 30th.)
    • Print invalid customer / ship-to / items only (Y/N): N
    • Include item history quantity & dollars for a date range (Y/N): N Yes increases run time & it only applies to item # contracts, not report class, product code or price code contracts.  This also shows last sale date.
      • If Y was answered to include item history, Please enter starting & ending item history sold date range. 
    • Print report by: 2) Customer number / alternate # / item # / class / code.
    • Please enter – starting customer number: enter key for ALL
    • Please enter – starting alternate #: enter key for ALL
    • Please enter – starting item # / class / code: enter key for ALL
    • Page break by customer (Y/N)? Do you want each customer on a separate page?  



This report can be used to contact the customer & negotiate new contracts.


Updating of the contract records can be accomplished using:

System Management functions (Task 32)

  • Change contract $ & expirations
  • Update/create contracts by file
  • Replicate contracts by customer
  • Replicate contracts by item
    • Please read all the information screens in these sub-tasks and any online documents for these sub-tasks.


NOTE: Before using any of these update programs contact us so a copy of your Customer contract item file can be made.