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Individual inventory items in the Item Master File contain fields defining the number of decimals used for both quantities sold and for costs/pricing. (Fractional quantity purchases are NOT allowed).



Item Master File (Task 17) & Add New Item routines (Tasks 1 & 8 in the Inventory module)


The cost/pricing decimal accuracy can be set/modified by pressing the appropriate function key (F2), as noted on the bottom of screen help line, at the "Avg. cost" field (field #7) in each item.


The sale quantity decimal accuracy can be set/modified using the `Input format' field. (For Tasks 1 & 17 - field 22, for Task 8 - field 20)



Customer Contract Items (Task 21 in the Order Processing module)


The decimal accuracy for the contract prices comes from the Item Master File in the Inventory module.  All `$' type contract prices, for a given item, will therefore have the same decimal accuracy as the item itself.


This makes it important to give extra thought to what the pricing method(s) and limitations will be for a given item when setting up or changing an inventory item.




NOTE: Special care should be taken when changing the decimal accuracy in the I/C Item Master File.  If pricing accuracy is changed THE PRICES IN THE O/E CONTRACT FILE MUST BE MANUALLY ADJUSTED for all `$' type records for this item.


Changing item pricing accuracy does NOT require any change to contract records that are setup using a `%' type records.