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Customer Service Owners for Alternate Ship-to Records

When an A/R customer has multiple alternate ship-to records the customer service module will create owner records for each alternate ship-to record with a serialized machine.



For our example we will use customer #1000 ABC CONSTRUCTION-ANN ARBOR.  This customer has a machine with serial #30001 at the main office.  This customer has the following alternate ship-to records:




In this example the customer moved the machine with serial #30001 to the Flint location.


Order Processing (Module 6)

  • Order entry & editing (Task 1)
    • Enter new/change existing order (Sub-task 1)

Field 1 Order #: Press F3 for Owner inquiry

  • Please enter owner #:
    • If the new owner # isn’t known, press F1 key to search by owner name; Y key for the correct owner #. For our example search for ABC
    • Instead of the F1 key to search by owner name; the F3 key may be pressed to search for the serial #. For our example use serial #30001
    • In our example the owner ABC CONTRUCTION-ANN ARBOR is selected & serial #30001.

Move owner information to order? (Y/N) Y

  • The cursor will be at field 1 Order #:  Press the enter key to open new order
  • This order will have the correct customer # for the owner on the order.  In this example the customer # will be 1000.
  • Put the service department # in field 8. Make any other appropriate entries/changes on the first screen.



When on the line item screen: 

  • Put the service item #’s on the order.


When on the shipping/collection screen:

  • Make any other appropriate entries/changes on the shipping screen.

At the bottom of the shipping screen there are two prompts:

F1 owner inquiry         F2 alt ship-to inquiry/add

  • Press the F2 key for the alternate ship-to inquiry
  • Enter ship to #: type in the alternate ship-to #; or use the prompts at the bottom of the screen. 
  • For our example the selection would be alternate ship-to #2 ABC CONS-FLINT


F1 Enter for list    F2 Search by route     TAB Search by name        F3 Add new


Invoice the order.


The order will need to be moved to the invoiced order holding file, either manually or automatically during the nightly processing.  When the order is moved to the holding file an owner record will be created for the alternate ship-to record selected on the order.  For the example, a new owner record will be created for ABC CONS-FLINT. The owner record for ABC CONS-ANN ARBOR and the owner record for ABC CONS-FLINT will both use the customer #1000


After the invoice is posted from the invoiced order holding file to A/R, the serial # in the customer service module will have the new owner # created for the alternate ship-to record.  In our example, serial #30001 will be on the owner record for ABC CONS-FLINT.


A good rule of thumb to use is to keep all the alternate ship-to records for one customer with a similar name:




NOTE: If you put owner information & a serial # on a service department invoice, then select an alternate ship-to record, the system will create an owner record for the alternate ship-to record selected.  The new owner record is created when the invoice is moved to the holding file.  When the invoice is posted to A/R the new owner # is changed on the serial # record in the customer service module.