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Importing data into Profits Plus

When running Profits Plus imports where there is a user input for the file name to import from you can reference a file on your local client PC workstation using:


** This syntax applies only when the server hosting Profits Plus is a Windows server AND your workstation connects to it via an RDP Terminal Services connection. **

For all other situations you should upload the file(s) directly to the Profits Plus server before running the import. Contact your local system administrator for more details.  Other upload methods may include using an FTP client, Windows explorer copy function, or directly saving the file via a mapped drive or shared folder.

Unless you have designated import/export folders on your Profits Plus server the typical approach is to place the upload files directly in the data folder of the module & company where you will be doing the import.  Refer to the wiki document "Export data from Profits Plus" under the heading "Location of export file" for more information on that. When you follow that pattern the import file specification is then just 'filename' and no path is needed.


Here are some guidelines/requirements to follow related to import files:

  • Local pathnames & file names should be kept relatively short
  • Avoid spaces when creating & choosing pathnames and filenames
  • Use lowercase file names
  • You may need to configure your RDP shortcut with Local Resources->Other->Drives in order for them to be available for accessing via the server connection.

Here is an example:   For a file named 'mytest.csv' located in a folder called 'tstemp' on the 'C:' drive of your local PC the import file specification to Profits Plus on your server would be: