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Manual Backup


  1. It is highly recommended that all users back out to the main menu, this guards against inconsistencies in the data in the event the system needs to be restored from the backup tape.


  1. Place the backup tape into the drive unit.



  1. Log onto the system as root


  1. At the prompt type:  backtp


If, when you view the "verify backup", and a message is received concerning Lonetar as your backup, please enter the following at the prompt:


exec /usr/lone-tar/ltar.M.cron  (type in exactly as shown, including capital M)



The backup consists of two phases:

Phase 1:  this will show on-screen a list of files that are being backed up.  This phase will take from 20 minutes to an hour, depending on the size and speed of the system.


Phase 2:  this will show a blank screen while the data is being read to the backup tape.  This phase will take about the same amount of time as Phase 1.



After the backup is complete, remove the tape and store it in a safe, dry place.  The tape contains all of the business records, keep it well guarded.