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Maxene Reporter (v 4.01.006)

Spreadsheet applications are very powerful software tools. They are used in a variety of ways from presenting snapshots of information to performing complex analyses in a wide range of applications.

One of the fundamental challenges in using spreadsheets is automating the input of information required in a particular spreadsheet. Several applications are available in the market that enable predefined data or reports to be presented in spreadsheet form. However, there are no applications automating the population of data in existing spreadsheets.

Maxene Reporter™ is smart, powerful, yet easy to use software that provides end-users such as executives a simple mechanism to generate and receive Microsoft® Excel spreadsheet based reports over email.

It is targeted towards users who have designed spreadsheet reports but have to manually enter data in the report. This is a tedious and error-prone process. Maxene Reporter eliminates the need for manual data-population into spreadsheets, thus minimizing time and errors. Furthermore, it can be configured to extract data from any number of databases within a single report.

Maxene Reporter™ can populate a single spreadsheet with data from one or more ODBC compliant data sources. It allows users to schedule these reports with specific input values. After reports are executed, it emails the spreadsheet file directly to the user and any other selected recipients.

Maxene Reporter™ was developed using Internet technologies. All interaction with it is over web browsers, making it very easy to deploy and maintain.